What Is Feng Shui?


Some people are under the mistaken impression that Feng Shui is magic or a weird religion that has you dragging your sofa all over the house. Even many "well-informed" people see Feng Shui mainly as an interior design tool.

Feng Shui does have some similar goals as interior design. For example, both arts have to do with creating an attractive, inviting space.

Feng Shui has additional goals, however. It concerns itself with balance and the flow of energy (called Chi) through a space. The idea is to make a space FEEL as good as it looks.

In addition, Feng Shui can help you build a partnership with your space so that your physical environment supports your well-being on every possible level. 

It can be used as a "catalyst" to initiate positive change in your career, health, relationships, finances, and any other area of your life. It can relieve stress. It can help you create balance between your personal life and career.

Many people are initially eager to try Feng Shui, then get so confused by all the conflicting "do's" and "don'ts" that they give up in disgust, thinking the process is too complicated to bother with. 

The reason for all the conflicting information is that there are several "schools" of Feng Shui.


Compass, for example, uses an actual compass to determine many of its rules.  Black Sect, on the other hand, is much more "westernized" and omits the complex mathematical calculations. 

Although the different schools may seem confusing (and even conflicting in some cases), this need not stop you from using Feng Shui in your space.

Simply pick the "school" that appeals to you. And, even within that school, you need not subscribe to every proposed solution (called "cures"). If an idea feels right for YOUR space, implement it. If not, skip it and move on to another idea.

If you decide to try Feng Shui in your space, you may find that all it does is make your home or office more inviting and comfortable.

On the other hand, you could possibly discover what many people do -- that used thoughtfully and with intention, Feng Shui can seem like turning on a light in a dark room. You suddenly see everything more clearly. 


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