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Do you have an efficient workflow system in your home-based business or home office?

Not sure what a workflow system looks like? Envision a boat sailing gently down a river. Ideally, this boat docks daily at your Inbox, picks up a load of passengers, then carries them down the river, stopping here and there until all passengers have been dropped off at their respective destinations.

Some passengers are simple to deal with because they go directly to their destinations -- perhaps a filing cabinet, a recycle bin, or even the trash.

Other passengers are not so easy. They may need to make multiple stops. . . perhaps at your To Do list, and later a co-worker's desk, and later on, your mailbox and/or filing cabinet.

Without a well-defined workflow system, this process of FLOW can break down. For example, the boat may never leave the dock in which case, passengers begin putting their feet up in your Inbox or worst case, on your office floor.

After awhile, they start to complain about their poor accommodations which causes you to feel overwhelmed and less productive.


We can help you create a workflow system to get your passengers moving. We know the right questions to ask to help you identify the exact path your boat needs to take when it sails.

We can also help you organize your computer-based files!

We have trained thousands of people to be more productive in software such as Windows, Word, Excel, Lotus Notes, Outlook, QuickBooks, and many other programs you might use.

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