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Would you like a SUPPORT SYSTEM to get you moving on some project or goal?

Maybe you'd like to refinance your house, or write a book, remodel your kitchen, or clear out the garage.

Your project may feel so overwhelming that you don't even know where to begin. Or, perhaps you started your project, then got stuck and can't seem to get moving again.

Whatever the goal, large or small, this weekly series will help you stay motivated and on track! And you'll collaborate weekly with some amazing people.

Weekly calls bring caring people together to share expertise and offer each other accountability and acknowledgement for progress. Participants come from all walks of life but have one common goal -- supporting each other in getting their projects done!

Weekly calls are approximately 1/2 hour followed by a second 1/2 hour during which participants take action on their projects. All calls are facilitated by the instructor.

Once a month, participants are invited to a Pajama Project work session which is included in the price of this series.



"Thanks to the momentum and support of this series,
my new book,
Money For Life, has been
published as an e-book on Amazon's Kindle
and will soon be available in print! "

Marilynn E. Hood, CFP

*   *   *   *   *   *   *

"For me, the real power of this series
lies in the
Pajama Project work sessions
which make challenging tasks feel
less daunting.-- even fun!."


Target Audience

Those who would like the support of a synergistic team


$99/mo (special pricing for 3 months or longer)

Includes a half-hour private coaching session + a monthly instructor-led Pajama Project work session


4 weeks

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