The Next Chapter

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Life events, large or small, can initiate the need for a "chapter change."

There are up-in-your-face events: divorce, illness, job or partner loss, financial challenges, kids leaving home, elders moving in, and so forth.

There are also less dramatic events such as boredom or a milestone such as reaching a particular age.

This series is a discovery tool for those seeking a plan for the next step in their personal lives or careers. It was created by the instructor who was trying to figure out how she could possibly move forward after the loss of her dad.

This is a CONSULTING series meaning that the instructor accepts only 2 or 3 participants and adds consulting services to the series content. As a result, each series is unique and participants get one-on-one advice at a fraction of the cost of private coaching.

An exercise is assigned each week to help participants find clarity about what they would like to create in their "next chapter."

Participants come together weekly via an "on-line meeting room" to share insights about the exercise and explore ideas about their "next chapter." All meetings are facilitated by the instructor.



"Every one of your classes has gone way beyond my expectations. This one was certainly no exception!".

Lana Rich , The Catsultant

"Your class was the glue that held my life together. Thank you!!!"



Target Audience

Those who are seeking a plan for the "next chapter" in their lives


$249 (Includes 2 private consulting sessions with the instructor)


4 weeks

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