Feedback From Clients


"Every one of your classes has gone way beyond my expectations. In both workshop and consultation settings, your genuine caring for clients was immediately apparent. You are truly an example of what a business person of integrity looks like."

Lana Rich. The Catsultant


"Topics and exercises in your Attracting Your Perfect Customers workshop were thought-provoking and helped me define my business more clearly. In the small group format, there was always ample opportunity for each of us to focus on our individual businesses. I'm feeling rejuvenated!"

Lillian Aaron, Business Accounting Software


"When we began the Change Your Space, Change Your Life series, Cara told us that changing our space would shift energy around in our lives. Boy, was she right!"

Carey Ann Strelecki, TV producer


"Somehow, that 30-minute  Accountability call sticks with me all week. I get off the phone and get right to work on whatever task I've committed to. Without the acceptance, accountability, and acknowledgement of this group, I might be playing video games or checking e-mail!"



"Your De-Cluttering: Paring Down To Clarity In Your Space & Life series not only helped me clean the interior of my house and garage but also clean the interior of myself. Improvements in terms of cluttered habits and negative thinking have been profound for me!"



"Thanks to the enlightening content and emotional support of the wonderful people in The Next Chapter series, I was able to move beyond my grief and get on with my life!



"What I got from the Change Your Space, Change Your Life series was very deep and not that easy to put into words. I had several huge breakthroughs in the areas of self-care, self-love, and self-knowledge. I cannot recommend these classes more highly."



"The Four Agreements series will alter the way you deal with everyone, including yourself. It will completely change your life!"



"Without your Accountability series, where would I be? Still on the sofa complaining?"



"Your classes have been the glue that held my life together this year. Thank you!!!"



"Dr. Emmet Fox's teachings are timeless -- full of logic and practicality. Thanks to The Mental Equivalent  mastermind series, I now see clearly why some of my life goals kept eluding me."

C. P.


"Wow!  I was able to take a fresh look at the old beliefs that had been 'running' me. I can now make some new choices."

B. T.


"The Change Your Space, Change Your Life series eased me into an awareness that my space was an expression of myself. With weekly assignments and Cara's gentle hand-holding, I was easily able to make changes to my space. I now understand the negative impact that my cluttered work area had been having on my mood, productivity, and outlook."

C. A.


"All my life, I ate and drank everything that got in front of me. Your Love Yourself, Heal Your Life series gave me a glimpse of what it would feel like to approve of myself and my body. I have lost 30 lbs. and I expect to maintain my new weight because something deep inside me has changed."  



"During our space consultation, it hit us that our home was filed with furnishings left to us by relatives who had passed away. It was like living in someone else’s house! My husband and I have unloaded the things we don't truly love and are thrilled with the changes to our home!" 

Mrs. D


"Your De-Cluttering: Paring Down To Clarity In Your Space & Life series was the trigger that pushed me to finally deal with several financial issues I'd been avoiding. The weekly assignments sure make me think."
P. N.,


"Cara’s Practical Feng Shui workshop was thorough, enlightening, and fun. I now see why so many things in my life were not working. This workshop gave me many practical ideas for simple things I can do to improve my space."

Rosalind, Consultant


"Cara’s class was a wonderful experience. I got to know amazing people, gained new insights, and discovered and overcame many limiting beliefs. I highly recommend it!”

Mikki Dorsey, The Style Guru




"Thanks to the momentum and support I received in the Accountability series, my new book, Money For Life, has been published as an e-book on Amazon's Kindle. Soon it will be available in print as well! Without their weekly encouragement, this information would still be trapped in my computer rather than out where it can benefit others!"  

Marilynn E. Hood, CFP ®


"Cara empowers people to live healthier, happier, richer lives. She is a modern sage who inspires her clients to LIVE WELL in their space, in their lives, and most importantly, within themselves."  

D. D.


“Thank you for helping me see that life is meant to be lived with JOY. I now know what it feels like to wake up in the morning feeling happy and excited about the day!"

John G.


"Before the Love Yourself, Heal Your Life series, I had pretty much given up. That workshop headed me in a new direction that has transformed both my career and my personal life."

Barbara Taylor, Coach, Momentum Squared


"My office was distracting and unpleasant. Never took clients there. Could hardly stand to go there myself. Thanks to your office workflow consultation, everything is now well laid out and functional. I can now use my office for work and not just a place to store my filing cabinets." 

Richard, Owner, Aimlight, Inc.



"Because of your teaching and the group support I received in the Change Your Space, Change Your Life and De-Cluttering: Paring Down To Clarity In Your Space & Life classes, I am now moving along full steam ahead with my house and my life!"

Judy Sitzer, Consultant, New Philanthropy Group


The De-Cluttering: Paring Down To Clarity In Your Space & Life e-series provided a gentle structure that empowered me to move forward without feeling overwhelmed. How amazing it feels to have my home and office clear of excess stuff, keeping only what is beautiful, useful, or valuable."

BT, Realtor, Austin, TX


"Getting into the Vortex is a powerful workshop. Cara has a special gift of bringing forth personal transformation via her insight, direction, and inspiration."

Cindi Koch, Owner, PowerStructure, Inc.


"There were some impressive credentials among participants in the Getting Into The Vortex e-series. When I registered, I had no idea I 'd get to work with that caliber of people!"



"Your life experience gives you a lot of credibility. I'd rather be led by someone like you who knows the path I walk."

Carol Noble, Owner, Noble Innovations


"Cara is so warm and kind. When I took her Deepak Chopra Reinventing The Body series, she created a safe space for everyone to share. Those weekly teleconference calls were truly life changing."



"Your De-Stress Your Office series helped me see the relationship between my workspace, my career, and myself. I now treat my office as a highly valued business partner and it repays the favor!"



"Every time I sign up for one of your Pajama Project work days, I get so much done. You never know who may show up on these conference calls. One AM, a professional organizer was in my session and she gave me pointers on my project. What a nice surprise!".



“After watching 'The Secret,' I couldn't wait to transform my life. I quickly discovered that watching a movie is one thing - putting the ideas into practice is another. Your Applying The Law Of Attraction To Daily Life series showed us step-by-step how to utilize Law of Attraction  principles to enhance our lives.” 

R. N.


"I had lost myself in my job and my relationship. Thanks to Love Yourself, Heal Your Life, I became aware of ME for the first time in my life. I now have a great new job and am taking better care of myself. In fact I quit drinking. I have found my joy again!"



"During the Love Yourself, Heal Your Life, series, I suddenly realized I deserved a lot better than I'd been settling for in my dead-end relationship."



"My mother passed away last year and I was left with all her stuff. It was overwhelming. Your De-Cluttering: Paring Down To Clarity In Your Space & Life  series let me tackle the job in small chunks. I feel like a HUGE weight has been lifted off my shoulders!."



"Your Love Yourself, Heal Your Life series helped me see that dwelling on how much I disliked my job was actually keeping me stuck there. By the end of the series, I had gone into business for myself."

DiAnne Olson, Public Relations Consultant


"The Love Yourself, Heal Your Life workshop and the friends I made there are a treasure. With Cara's warm and gentle guidance, I'm moving back into alignment with my true self." 

Heidi Hentila, Mortgage Banker


"Cara, thank you from the bottom of my heart."  





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