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Are you an entre-preneur in the process of defining what your new business will look like?

Or, are you a small- business owner who has grown weary of trying to "perform the impossible for the ungrateful" week after week?

In either case, this series, based on the best-selling book, ATTRACTING PERFECT CUSTOMERS, will give you valuable insights and tools for harnessing the power of The Law of Attraction so you can work smarter, not harder.  

With instructor guidance, you will design a STRATEGIC ATTRACTION PLAN to identify and attract those clients, employees, vendors, and business scenarios that are perfectly aligned with you and your business mission.

This is a CONSULTING series meaning that the instructor accepts only 2-3 participants and adds consulting services to the series content. As a result, each series is unique and you receive one-on-one consulting advice at a fraction of the cost.

Participants come together weekly via an "on-line meeting room" to brainstorm ideas and refine their individual "Strategic Attraction" plans. All meetings are facilitated by the instructor.



"In the small-group format, there was always ample time for each of us to focus on our own businesses. Topics and exercises were thought-provoking. I am feeling rejuvenated about my business!".

Lillian Aaron, Business Owner

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Target Audience

Small business owners and entrepreneurs who would like to use The Law Of Attraction to enhance their businesses


4 weeks


$259 (includes 2 private business consulting sessions with the instructor)

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