Heal Your Life

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Are you ready to let go of negative thought or behavior patterns that keep you STUCK in your personal life or career?

Internationally known spiritual teacher, Louise Hay, believes that when you LOVE AND ACCEPT YOURSELF as you are, you throw open the door to positive change.

In this series, based on Louise's life-changing book and movie, YOU CAN HEAL YOUR LIFE, a small, close-knit group poses this weekly question to each other: "What are you telling yourself and who would you be if you could let go of that story?"

The group comes together weekly via an "on-line meeting room" to identify, examine, and release beliefs and behaviors that stand in their way. All meetings are facilitated by the instructor who encourages an atmosphere of safety and trust.

"Your life experience gives you a lot of credibility. I'd rather be led by someone like you who knows the path I walk."

Carol Noble, Founder
Owner Noble Innovations



"This workshop and the friends I made there are a treasure. With Cara's warm, gentle guidance, I'm moving back into alignment with my true self." 

Heidi, Mortgage Banker






"I had lost myself in my job and
my relationship. Thanks to this series, I became aware of ME for the first time in my life. I have found my joy again."

Sherry, Public Relations Consultant


"During this series, I suddenly realized I deserved a lot better than I'd been settling for in my dead-end relationship."



"This series helped me see that dwelling on how much I disliked my job was actually keeping me stuck there! By the end of the series, I had gone into business for myself."

DiAnne, Public Relations Consultant

Target Audience

Those who are ready to let go of the limited thinking or negative self-talk that is keeping them stuck.




4 weeks

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