Paring Down to Clarity in Your Space & Life!

Small-group Coaching

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Is clutter in your space keeping you STUCK in your life?

This series will give you the support you need to get moving!

So why take a class? Why not just do it on your own?

You may be too stuck to go it alone. Or, you may simply enjoy the collaborative energy of meeting weekly with people who will encourage and acknowledge your progress.  

This is a SMALL GROUP COACHING series meaning that the instructor tailors the subject matter to the specific needs of the participants who register. Each series is unique.

Participants come together weekly via an "on-line meeting room" to share insights  about the clarity that is coming into their minds and lives as a result of de-cluttering their physical space. All meetings are facilitated by the instructor.

A secure website is provided for posting photos of your weekly progress and for blogging with team members.

Samples of what others

have accomplished in this series



"This e-series provided a gentle structure that empowered me to move forward without feeling overwhelmed. How amazing it feels to have my home and office clear of excess stuff, keeping only what is beautiful, useful, or valuable."

Barbara Taylor, Realtor

Austin, TX

"Due to your teaching and the support of the group, I am now moving full steam ahead with my house AND my life."

Judy Sitzer, Consultant

Los Angeles, CA

Target Audience

Those who would like the support of a team to help them de-clutter their space or their life


$249 (includes a 1/2-hr private coaching session plus a complimentary Pajama Project workshop)


4 weeks

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Samples of what others

have accomplished in this series




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